Who’s here

Florentia Village hosts a vibrant mix of community-minded SMEs, trades, and individuals, from photo studios to florists, bike manufacturers to startups.

Cyril Tronchett Floristry

Interior of a florist’s workshop
A man holding a plant inside a greenhouse
A close up shot of hands holding a plant, pulling soil from the roots.

"I was looking for a larger studio with a lot of light for all my plants, the large skylights all the way made the difference. The village is very beautiful and a lot of creatives work here, the ideal space to expand my Florist business"

Cyril Tronchett

Venus —Village Café

Interior of a Café
Pasta in the making
A woman working behind the counter in a Café

"For us, Florentia feels like a microcosmic version of London, a mix of people from all over the place, a blend of businesses you would generally not find together and a lovely odd little Cypriot village (of course!) in the middle of Haringey. It's just the right amount of progressiveness, crumbliness, friendless and total madness that made us all want to live in this city"

Liam Casey

Florentia Village Market

Join us for our very own makers’ market. See what the community is up to and get your hands on some handmade pieces by local London creatives.

2 December 2023
Florentia Village

A crowd of people at a market fair, standing around tables looking at objects for sale
A busy market fair with lots of tables filled with objects for sale and people walking around
A woman standing with a microphone in hand talking to a crowd out of view

Fairlight Cycles

A desk situated in between two industrial shelves inside a storeroom environment
A close up shot of a bicycle being assembled.
A man sat at a desk, working on a computer

"Florentia is an inspiring place to work. Every day you're surrounded by people busily innovating, starting, or growing something. The feeling of energy is palpable. The mid-century warehouse architecture is beautiful and the Cafe attracts people from far and wide. Overall, it's a lovely place to build our bikes"

Jonathan Reid

The Cotton Store

A victorian industrial warehouse space filled with green plant-life, hanging from mezzanines and sitting in pots on the floor.
A woman standing in front of her work environment, facing and smiling at the camera
Moroccan carpets, terracotta walls, wooden window shutters with green paint peeling away from the wood.

"The Cotton Store is a unique warehouse space available to hire for photography, filming and events. The main space includes textured concrete walls, period wood panelling and a beautiful wrought iron spiral staircase, complimented by an abundance of plants and carefully chosen props. Florentia Clothing Village, with it's eclectic mix of businesses, friendly atmosphere, cool cafe and village square, all in the heart of the Harringay Warehouse District, makes this the perfect setting for our wonderful shoot space. All in all this is a fantastic environment for our clients to visit and work"

Phil Haselden

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